I’ve been thinking about maps. What I love about maps is that they are products of multiple concerns: as objects, they are aesthetic, ornamental, decorative; as tools, they are aspirational, we see the places we have been, the places we might go, and the places we’ll never explore; they’re also aspirational in the sense that they depict a world that does not - and cannot - exist; as metaphors, they are fearful of losing control, of not understanding, of realizing how their black ink boundaries are so fluid off-paper; as the state, they are all these things, but also the people, landscapes, and other agents that live within, cross, and defy those borders every day.

And I think I’m having similar thoughts on maps and mapping as I’ve been having on what I want sound to do in my project. Though we do have mapping options, in terms of tech/software for this class (Aris and projection mapping), these were just not enough for me. Combining mapping and sound into a more embodied experience is closer to what I imagine my end goal being (whether I reach it or not).

Written on February 14, 2018