In case anyone was curious about the now-broken Sountrack Dress, I found the wordpress blog I had to keep for my e-textiles class. It somewhat documents my process, but unfortunately I don’t have the code up on there. I have it on my desktop somewhere.

Basically, if you look through the pictures and the video (the first two posts in the grid, sorry for the terrible video quality), you’ll see how messy the pouch holding all the wires was. That was the main problem - - they all kept touching or disconnecting. After making 2 or 3 versions of it, crying many nights away while trying to sew wires and conductive thread onto the flimiest fabric I could have ever chosen, it worked for my presentation and this little video (so one day). Sadly this dress no longer exists or works. It’s now a pile of fabric and wires.

Written on February 2, 2018